Silver Valley Search And Rescue
Made Possible By Your Continued Support
Donate Supplies
Items that are donated to the rescued: MREs, water, blankets, bandages, backpacks, stretchers, glove/boot heaters

Safety Items: 
 Working GPS, radios, ropes, harnesses, snowshoes, fire starters, camping equipment

Base Camp Supplies:
Commercial coffee pots, heaters, cooking pots/utensils, more blankets

Working Snowmobiles, Groomers, 
Quads, Off-road vehicles, boats, trailers, dirt bikes

Our operating budget includes: vehicle maintenance, registration, insurance,  rescue training, and regular replacement of items that are used or expire.

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Donate items for auction or raffle

Join The Team!
Contact us to find out how to join and train with Silver Valley Search And Rescue.

Whether you join the search, direct traffic, or cook in the base camp, we could always use the help.  We will put your strengths to work!

Thank you!
Our Sponsors provide supplies, tools, equipment and the much needed funds to keep our program running.
Thank you for all of your gifts and donations.  Together, we are saving lives.